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Why Apple Leather

Let us introduce you to an innovative and environmentally friendly replacement for animal leather.

The awareness of cruelty to animals and the feeling for the wellbeing of nature is growing day by day and this awareness has not overtaken us.

Today, there are many vegan leather options available, but for most of them, the base material must be planted and harvested, which includes the use of pesticides and the use of plenty of water. These practices are always referred to as “healthy or vegan”, but there is a negative impact on the environment throughout the process.

We offer a very innovative and unusual type of leather, which is made by using leftover apples (garbage) from the juice and applesauce industry. By using the waste, apples do not have to be planted or harvested just for our products. We have also given farmers an opportunity to generate a second income from their waste. This is one way to protect the ecosystem.