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AppleSkin / AppleLeather

Our main tie is in B2B, as we do hold exclusive selling rights and have always on stock materials, our aim is to reach to same minded companies / brands / agents. 

In genreal we do supply;  brands, garment manufactures, retailers, institutions as well as sub-agents.

If you are interested in our product, please do get in touch with our b2b sales team: b2b@appleleather.com

We do deliver in running meters, and sending out our on-stock materials within 48 hours from Istanbul-Turkey. 

Our clients:  Textiles, Furniture, Automotive, Home Textiles, Toys, Baby and Kids supply, etc. 


Are you interested to produce a Bag or Accessory line made out of AppleLeather, own branded ?

As we do have our Group high-end production facilities, please do not hesitate to ask b2b@appleleather.com! It would be a pleasure working with you.

For more details, please check out SCAYS GROUP WEBSITE:  www.scays.com